At Lorna Jane, our vision is: Empowering women, transforming the world. We aspire for every woman to feel empowered, recognising that true empowerment comes when your at your best.

We are firm believers that achieving this involves daily movement, nourishment of your mind and body, and fostering a belief in the limitless potential within you. In support of your journey, in 2010 we established the Move Nourish Believe Blog.

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Empower Your Journey with the Lorna Jane Blog

Welcome to the Lorna Jane Blog - a vibrant community hub where empowerment, growth, and an active lifestyle converge. Our blog embodies the spirit of "Move, Nourish, Believe", providing you with the tools, inspiration, and support you need to embrace an active life. Here, you'll find stories that motivate, advice that nurtures, and insights that inspire positive changes in all aspects of your life.

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Move - Celebrating the Joy of Active Living

'Move' is dedicated to celebrating the joy and benefits of staying active. Whether it's exploring our latest activewear collections or offering practical tips for your fitness routine, our content is designed to keep you moving. Join our Lorna Jane community in embracing the vitality and freedom that comes with living an active lifestyle.

Nourish - Feeding Your Body and Mind

'Nourish' delves into the essentials of well-being. From nutritional advice to mindfulness techniques, our experts share their knowledge to help you nourish your body and mind. It's about creating a balanced active lifestyle that supports your growth and empowers you to be your best self.

Believe - Unleashing the Power of Positive Mindset

‘Believe’ lies at the heart of the Lorna Jane ethos. Belief in an active life, belief in community, and belief in the limitless potential within each of us. 'Believe' is a celebration of this empowering mindset. It's where we share stories of incredible women who embody the Lorna Jane spirit, insights on cultivating resilience and positivity, and tips for building a mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth. Dive into our content and let the power of believing transform your perspective, driving positive changes and encouraging and supporting one another as we seek to lead active lives.


Q: What is the 'Move Nourish Believe' blog about?
A: The Lorna Jane 'Move Nourish Believe' blog is a platform that inspires and empowers women to live their best lives. It focuses on active living, well-being, and personal growth, providing practical tips, inspiring stories, and expert advice in these areas.

Q: How can the Lorna Jane blog help me in my wellness journey?
A: Our blog offers a wealth of resources to support your wellness journey. From fitness tips and nutritious recipes to advice on cultivating a positive mindset, it's designed to empower you in achieving a balanced, active life.

Q: What kind of articles are on the 'Move Nourish Believe' blog?
A: You'll find articles focused on mindset, empowerment, and personal growth. They include motivational stories, insights on developing a positive mindset, and strategies for living an active life.

Q: How often is new content added to the Lorna Jane blog?
A: We regularly update the Lorna Jane blog with fresh content to keep our community engaged and inspired. Stay tuned for the latest posts on active living, wellness, and empowerment.