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Finding the perfect fitting leggings, tights or even a decent pair of yoga pants can be difficult at times. Every garment is performance tested by our team of active designers to ensure we deliver the best fitting leggings and tights every time. With a pair of Lorna Jane tights sold every 60 secs, we’re confident in our ability to make and see the best fitness tights on the planet.

We have a wide range of different styles, cuts and fabrics, each pair of Lorna Jane tights are just as fashionable as they are functional.

Lorna Jane tights are designed with four main fabrics – Nothing 2 See Here™, LJ Excel, Bare Minimum and LJ Active. All fabrics are superior as they have the key properties for high-performance and longevity. They all have elements of an active fabric which dries quickly by wicking the moisture away from the skin allowing it to evaporate and keep you feeling cool and dry.

We produce 6 lengths – short tights (sits mid-thigh and sometimes a booty short), bike short length (sits just above the knee), ¾ tights (sits just below the knee), ⅞ tights (sits slightly under the calf muscle), ankle biter tights (sits just above the ankle) and full length tights (sits just below the ankle).

There are three main support levels of our leggings, you'll find them in most of our black leggingsActive Core Stability™, Booty Support and Ultimate Support which all target different areas from the tummy, core, butt and thighs. Most leggings have key features such as phone pockets for versatility and the right size to stash your phone in. Many have a drawstring to allow you to adjust your fit. Gussets are sewn into some leggings, creating a triangular shape to provide comfort and flexibility. No side thigh and front seams are a feature we all love in our leggings, this gives a smooth feel across the waist preventing them from digging in and helps reduce riding up through the crotch. Most ranges have the Lorna Jane signature prints which are designed specifically for that collection or season. We mainly specialise in black leggings - we dare you to try a pair if you haven't already, you'll love them! Shop black leggings here.