My Design Philosophy

“I started designing Activewear because I wanted to change the way women lived their lives. – and you know what, I think it’s working”

At Lorna Jane we believe wearing activewear inspires you to be more Activewear. We know that the simple active of putting on your Activewear in the morning changes how you move, your decisions around what you eat and most importantly how you feel about being active.

Our Design Philosophy is rooted in understanding your needs and desires as an Active Women. So we design premium, fashionable pieces that you can wear both for your workouts and your everyday life – going beyond functionality and delving deep into the science of movement, comfort and support.

As a producer of fashion, we are also conscious of our impact on the planet and are committed to our journey of improvement, developing more sustainable practices and actively working towards a circular solution for fashion in Australia.

Because our garments fit – you feel better.

Because our fabrics move – you move better.

Because our pieces perform – you perform better.

Our Symbol, Your Strength

It's the symbol that has become synonymous with Lorna Jane and is proudly worn by women all over the world - but did you know it has a deeper meaning? The one off-kilter square is formed by joining the brands initials, L J.

Together, the trio represents the daily practice of Move, Nourish, Believe — the Active Living™ philosophy that we stand by. Move your body every day. Nourish from the inside out. Believe that anything is possible.

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Discover Lorna Jane's Design Philosophy

The Lorna Jane design philosophy is rooted in the belief that activewear should not only perform well but also inspire confidence and empower women. Our approach to designing activewear goes beyond aesthetics, focusing on functionality, innovation, and the needs of active women. Lorna Jane creates pieces that are versatile, stylish, and capable of enhancing the wearer's performance and lifestyle.

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Functionality Meets Fashion

Lorna Jane designs activewear with the perfect balance of functionality and fashion. Each piece is crafted to support the wearer through any activity, ensuring comfort, durability, and style. The designs incorporate innovative fabric technologies that provide breathability, moisture-wicking, and flexibility, making them ideal for both high-intensity workouts and everyday wear.

Innovation in Every Stitch

Innovation is at the heart of Lorna Jane's design process. By using cutting-edge fabric technologies and sustainable practices, Lorna Jane ensures that each piece of activewear offers superior performance and longevity. From anti-pilling and quick-drying fabrics to environmentally friendly materials, the focus is always on creating high-quality products that meet the demands of modern, active women.

Empowering Women Through Design

Lorna Jane's mission is to empower women to live their best lives through active living. Our designs are not just about looking good but about feeling confident and motivated. By creating activewear that is both functional and stylish, Lorna Jane encourages women to embrace an active lifestyle and believe in their potential.


Q: What is the core principle of Lorna Jane's design philosophy?
A: Lorna Jane's design philosophy centres on creating activewear that blends functionality with fashion, empowering women through innovative, high-performance designs.

Q: How does Lorna Jane ensure the functionality of its activewear?
A: By incorporating advanced fabric technologies that offer breathability, moisture-wicking, and flexibility, ensuring comfort and durability.

Q: What makes Lorna Jane's activewear innovative?
A: Lorna Jane uses cutting-edge fabric technologies and sustainable practices to create high-quality, performance-driven activewear.

Q: How does Lorna Jane's design philosophy empower women?
A: The designs aim to boost confidence and motivation, encouraging women to embrace an active lifestyle and believe in their potential.

Q: Are Lorna Jane products sustainable?
A: Yes, Lorna Jane is committed to using environmentally friendly materials and sustainable practices in their design and manufacturing processes.