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Lorna Jane is continuously featured in publications across the world. Discover here, what others are saying about Lorna Jane and the Brand founder and chief creative officer Lorna Jane Clarkson.

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Lorna Jane in the Media: Celebrating Fitness and Fashion

Lorna Jane Clarkson, the pioneer behind Lorna Jane, has made significant strides in the activewear industry, earning widespread recognition in the media. Her innovative approach to fitness and fashion has been featured in numerous publications, highlighting the brand’s impact on women's health and active living.

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Media Highlights: Lorna Jane’s Influence

Lorna Jane has been celebrated by media outlets and publications for its unique blend of functionality and style. Our commitment to empowering women through active living has garnered attention from fitness magazines, fashion blogs, and major news stations, showcasing Lorna Jane's role in promoting a healthy, active lifestyle.

Inspirational Interviews with Lorna Jane Clarkson

Lorna Jane Clarkson’s inspirational journey from fitness instructor to global activewear icon has been the subject of many interviews. Her story emphasises the importance of perseverance, passion, and the belief in one's potential. Her interviews provide a deeper insight into our philosophy and the values that drive the Lorna Jane brand.

Community Engagement and Public Appearances

Lorna Jane’s active involvement in community events and public appearances underscores her dedication to promoting active living. From fitness events to motivational talks, Lorna Jane Clarkson actively engages with communities to inspire and support women in their fitness journeys.


Q: How has Lorna Jane been recognized in the media?
A: Lorna Jane has been featured in numerous fitness magazines, fashion blogs, and major news outlets for its innovative activewear and impact on women's health.

Q: What topics are covered in interviews with Lorna Jane Clarkson?
A: Interviews with Lorna Jane Clarkson often focus on her entrepreneurial journey, the brand's philosophy, and her commitment to empowering women through active living.

Q: How does Lorna Jane engage with the community?
A: Lorna Jane engages with the community through fitness events, motivational talks, and public appearances, promoting the brand’s message of active living.

Q: Where can I find media features about Lorna Jane?
A: Media features about Lorna Jane can be found in leading fitness magazines, fashion blogs, and news outlets that highlight the brand’s achievements and philosophy.

Q: What impact has Lorna Jane had on the activewear industry?
A: Lorna Jane has revolutionised the activewear industry by combining functionality with fashion, promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for women worldwide.