Active Nation Day Sunday September 25th 2022 Save The Date

We started Active Nation Day 10 years ago, because we believe it’s important to have a day, every year, where we reprioritise our health and wellbeing, and celebrate the power of being active, and WOW did our community respond! Since that first humble event held in Brisbane Australia, the Active Nation Day MOVEment has gone global, and we celebrate in 16 countries across the world!

And today, Active Nation Day seems more relevant than ever before. For the last two years, the world, our routine and our lives were paused – but now is the time to take back the power of movement and GET ACTIVE!! It’s time to reset, realign and refresh our movement and how we prioritise this as part of our lifestyle. While our foundation has been built on inspiring women to be more active, and Active Living has always been at the core of what we do, we recognise that we can’t do it alone. Active Nation Day is our way of creating awareness and a ground swell of inspiration to get moving and inspire those around you to follow suit, so that we can share in building a fitter and more fulfilling future for everyone.

Throughout September we will be taking you on an Active Living journey! Over 10 years, we have met some incredible people along the way, so we have teamed up with a group of inspiring athletes, nutritionists, and fitness experts to show us how we can take control of our health and wellbeing and get active!

Then on September 25th jump into your fave activewear and celebrate the power of your body in motion by moving on Active Nation Day. No matter what you’re doing, where you are or who you’re with. Ask as many people as you can to get involved because we need YOU to spread the MOVEment Whether it’s a sweat class with your bestie, playing with your all too energetic fur baby, or a taking a walk at sunset, we just want you to get active – your way!

Whether you’re just starting out on your path to better health or you’re a fitness aficionado, getting involved in Active Nation Day shows that you’re committed to a fitter future.

We would love to hear about your movement journey, celebrate your success and empower you to inspire others to get active! Share your stories, milestones and pics with us and the LJ community by connecting with us on socials…use the hashtags #ActiveNationDay and #InMyActivewear to be featured and show us how you MOVE FOR YOU!

Ready to join us? Follow us on IG @lornajaneactive & @ljclarkson & right here on the Move Nourish Believe blog to come on the journey.

As Active Nation month kicks off - read the Open Letter from our Founder & Creative Director Lorna Jane Clarkson.