Active Nation Day

24th September 2023

AND 23

September is the month we celebrate being an Active Nation at Lorna Jane.

It’s a time when we call on you to take an honest look at where you’re at with your health and fitness goals. A month we commit to inspiring and motivating you to find your inner athlete and re-ignite how good it feels to be fit and healthy. This month brings with it so many reasons to be active, especially with the first signs of Summer starting to show. The sun is rising a little earlier, the days are getting a bit longer and we can’t ignore the fact that there’s a little more time to focus on being Active.

When it comes to our health there is no better time to start setting new goals than NOW! Too often people push their best intentions to the wayside with excuses like “I’ll start eating healthy on Monday” or “I promise to exercise every day next week.” The question is – why wait when you can start right now?, with the Lorna Jane community supporting and inspiring you every step of the way.

Now is the time to stop talking and start doing.

Now is the time to stop wishing and start working.

And now is the time to truly focus on your goals.

Pledge them, start to live them and before you know it, you will achieve them! Join us this September 24th for Active Nation Day, put on your Activewear and get moving!


What is Active Nation Day?

Active Nation Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the power of movement. On 24 September each year, our Lorna Jane community across the globe embraces movement, whether it’s sweat session, a group class or a simple walk. It’s a day to prioritise your health, fitness and wellbeing in your life and feel good.

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For over the last ten years, we’ve been committed to celebrating movement through Active Nation Day. Inspired by the ethos of Valentine’s Day – a day where we stop to celebrate the people in our lives that we love – Active Nation Day is for celebrating the love we have for ourselves through the power of movement.

Active Nation Day is a moment for the Lorna Jane community to show our commitment to a fitter future in an uplifting, inclusive and positive way. We believe if one person can create change, together we can change the world! Active Nation Day has shown us that there IS power in movement and that something special happens when we come together to celebrate it.

We were inspired by empowered women wanting to live their best active lives and wanted to ignite the same passion within our community. So, on September 24th, you, your friends, families and co-workers are all invited to move with us and remind ourselves how good it feels to be active.

So far, Active Nation Day has been celebrated in 16 countries and instigated over 15 MILLION kilometers of movement (that’s 400 laps) around the world. From virtual events in China to community led walks across the United States, the power of movement has already been embraced by so many around the world and we couldn't be happier.

The health benefits of championing movement are needed now more than ever as we boost our fitness, health and community. Every year we make a call out to you, our community, to seek your help in driving this ever-important Active Nation movement. Expect another year of personal stories, educated by experts in movement, nutrition, and mindfulness and inspired to sweat as we celebrated the gift of moving for ourselves and for our health.

Join the movement for 2023 and see what we have in store for Active Nation Day.

How do you celebrate Active Nation Day?

You can celebrate Active Nation Day by moving your body in whatever way feels right for you. Whether that’s a new yoga class with friends or a walk after work. For September, we’re dedicated to sharing inspiration with our Lorna Jane community from compelling personal stories to new workouts and advice. Sign up to our emails and follow us on social to receive updates all month long.

When is Active Nation Day?

Active Nation Day takes place on 24th of September every year. For the last ten years and across over 16 countries, we’ve dedicated ourselves to moving our bodies and celebrating how good it feels to be active on this day. Join us this year and celebrate the joy of movement with us!